Q: What if I want a piece of clothing printed that you don't offer?

A: I can still print it for you! If you have a specific piece of clothing in mind that you'd like printed, please let me know via email. I'd love to work something out with you. I've printed plenty of clothes for myself, so doing things like jeans, jackets, and dresses are a lot more fun for me anyway!

Q: What are the materials you use?

A: For weaving, I use "rescued fibers" aka acrylic that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. The only fibers I personally purchase are natural fibers like wool, alpaca, cotton, and tencel. For block printing, I mostly use Speedball's products. Speedy Carve blocks are my ride or die. I'm still experimenting with making my own tints/inks from natural materials, but for now I use Speedball's fabric and screenprinting inks. 

Q: Where did you learn fiber crafts?

A: I have been self taught through and through! Obviously I still use resources available to me like books, but I have never taken a class in any of the fiber crafts I do. I have always been a tactile person and I learn the best when I do something with my hands. 

Q: If I wanted to learn how to weave, where would I start?

A: I suggest starting with a few books like DIY Woven Art (by Rachel Denbow) and Modern Weaving (by Laura Strutt). These were essential when I was re-learning the basics. I would also check and see if there are any locally owned yarn or craft stores in your area that have any starter weaving kits. Shout out to all the amazing people in the fiber crafts network! Weaving can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be! Personally I have created 2 out of the 5 looms that I use on a regular basis.